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Alternative SMTP port

We are aware that many ISP’s and public access points restrict sending email using the default SMTP port 25. For this reason you may also use port 2525 for outgoing mail.

Can I have email with my domain name?

Yes, absolutely. In addition to your site, you can create email accounts with your domain name ( with any of the ServerGrove hosting packages from your Control Panel. The email accounts you create for your domain can be accessed several ways: Through webmail at Through webmail at your domain . . . Read more

I am unable to delete messages from my iPhone

Try selecting the Trash folder from the server (if you don’t have a Trash folder in your account, you need to create it). This is done under Settings > Mail > select account > Advanced > Deleted Mailbox and choose the trash folder listed.

How do I send Bulk Mail?

Below are a few suggestions on how to best ensure your messages are delivered and your IP does not get blacklisted. General Suggestions Send email only to those that want it. Spammers write to many people who don’t want their mail and anti-spam filters are designed to identify that behavior. . . . Read more

Incoming spam has increased

There are periods where you may receive more SPAM than usual. There are several reasons for this. Our SPAM filters adapt to the cirumstances. As more SPAM comes in, it will start learning to filter it. This may take time depending on the type of SPAM and the amount. It . . . Read more