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How do I check and send email from my iPhone?

Since iPhone users check their email from multiple locations we recommend setting email accounts using SSL. To do this follow these steps: Tap Mail on the Home screen of your iOS device. Select your email provider. If you don’t see your email provider listed, tap Other > Add Mail Account. . . . Read more

How do I configure an email account in (Mac OS X)

Select “Preferences” from the “Mail” menu. Click on the “Accounts” button. Click on the “+” sign in the bottom left corner of the window to add a new e-mail account. On the “Add Account” screen type your name, email address and password. Click “Continue”. On the “Incoming Mail Server screen”, . . . Read more

How do I access Webmail?

You can access webmail through the following URL’s: You can private label your URL by adding the hostname “webmail” in front of your domain (e.g Look here for instructions on how.

How do I change my email password?

Mail users can change their passwords in the ServerGrove Webmail. Once you log in, you must click on “Settings” at the top right navigation, then, in the left-hand navigation, click on “Password”.

How does your spam protection work?

ServerGrove offers state of the art spam protection. However, you can help make spam detection smarter. Our mail server will automatically move all junk email into your folder labeled spam. In case our system misses an email we recommend you manually move the email message into the spam folder. Our . . . Read more

Email password rules

Use at least 5 characters The password should not contain mail name as its part Only Latin characters, no “%” character No dictionary words (optional)

Catch-all email does not work

The catchall email feature has been disabled in shared hosting. We had to do this because too many people were misconfiguring or abusing the service causing our shared hosting IP’s to be blacklisted by spam monitoring services. If you wish to use this feature, we recommend you use our VPS . . . Read more

Cannot login to Webmail

When using the Webmail, make sure your email address was created in the control panel using all lowercase, ie. If your email address has mixed case letters, login into the Control Panel and rename the email address by going into the e-mail section, and reset the username on your . . . Read more