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Installing PHP extensions

The most commonly used extensions are available in our CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian repositories. CentOS To install an extension in CentOS, just execute the following command: yum install php55-readline Change php55-imap for the PHP extension that you need. To search for extensions: yum search php55-* Ubuntu and Debian The process . . . Read more

APC in PHP 5.5

APC is not available in PHP 5.5, and it’s been replaced by Zend OPcache, which is included and enabled by default in PHP. Zend OPCache provides increased performance over APC, but it does not include user space caching. If you require this, consider installing APCu Since it’s now part of . . . Read more

Error installing pecl packages

If you get an error when trying to install packages, consider the following options: 1) Try downloading the pecl package and then compiling it, following steps like these: $ cd /usr/src $ pecl download apc $ tar zxf apc-1.0.tgz $ cd apc-1.0 $ phpize $ ./configure $ make && make . . . Read more