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Using LESS with Assetic without Node.js

If you want to use Assetic with LESS support in shared hosting or in a server without node.js you might want to try lessphp. Note: The installation is quite simple. Add lessphp to your Composer dependencies (php composer.phar require oyejorge/less.php) Update your Symfony configuration (usually app/config/config.yml):

Include your less . . . Read more

How do I set the timezone for my PHP application?

In order to make your PHP application (including Symfony and Zend Framework) aware of your time zone, set the date.timezone php configuration variable in a .htaccess file, like this: Inside an .htaccess file:

From Plesk, you can create and edit this file from the File Manager located inside your . . . Read more

How do I access php.ini?

The php.ini files are not available to shared hosting users, however, you can overwrite any of the directives using the .htaccess file. Directions to change PHP configuration directives by using Apache’s .htaccess files: Reditect generator:

How do I increase the Max upload size in php.ini

To increase the Max upload size for your php applications add this to your .htaccess file:

NOTE: 25 M is 25 megabytes and 800 is 800 seconds.