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Cannot connect to MySQL when running symfony 1.x tasks

If you get the following error when running a symfony task through the command line (like insert-sql): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ Try configuring config/propel.ini with the server hostname where your account resides (ie. instead of localhost. This will force propel to connect through TCP/IP . . . Read more

Can I use ezComponents?

Yes! In fact, we have ezComponents pre-installed in all ServerGrove servers. Just include the components that you want to use, using these examples: Example 1 – include_path: <?php set_include_path( "/usr/local/php/ezc:" . ini_get( "include_path" ) ); ?> Example 2 – Autoload: <?php require_once "ezc/Base/base.php"; // dependent on installation method, see below . . . Read more