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Error with setfacl “Option -m: Invalid argument near character”

If you are setting permissions with the setfacl command when using Symfony or any other PHP framework that requires write access to certain directories or files, and you get the following error:

This usually means that the user provided in the command does not exist, for example:

In . . . Read more

How do I install HHVM on my server?

HHVM & Hack Overview: It is well known that Facebook is currently the largest site built using PHP, but not everyone knows that they have created their own new language called Hack. It’s based on PHP and contains several new features and improvements. You can start learning about Hack with . . . Read more

PHP fatal error when installing or updating dependencies with Composer

When installing or updating dependencies with Composer it may be possible that you see a PHP fatal error like:

This problem has been documented in Composer on issue This is common when the memory limit setting of PHP is not enough for Composer needs, something that can happen . . . Read more

SFTP clients disconnects randomly when uploading files

Your SFTP program may get disconnected randomly when you upload files if your client is configured to open multiple simultaneous/parallel connections. Our firewall is configured to prevent attacks on the SSH server, and it may block your IP if this filter is triggered. To prevent this from happening, please configure . . . Read more

How do I upgrade my hosting plan?

You can upgrade your ServerGrove hosting plan at anytime, to another Shared Hosting plan or even from Shared Hosting to a VPS, by following the few simple steps below: Go to our website. Click on Login. Enter your Client Area login details and click on the Login button: You will . . . Read more