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yum upgrade fails

If you are trying to upgrade your VPS installation with yum upgrade, try these commands:

After that, run yum upgrade again. If this still does not solve your problem, feel free to submit a support ticket.

How do I install / upgrade PHP using YUM and RPM packages?

ServerGrove provides a Yum repository with the latest PHP versions packages in RPM. This makes dead simple to install and upgrade PHP. Follow these steps to setup the repository in your server and install / upgrade PHP: Setup ServerGrove repository If you have not installed the repository, download the RPM . . . Read more

How do I fix downgraded / broken PHP after installing RPM packages?

PHP should not be installed via yum/rpm in CentOS as the version distributed is very old. To fix it follow these steps:

Replace 5.2.11 with the version in your system. These steps will re-install the custom PHP installation in your VPS. If you have any doubts, feel free to . . . Read more