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Installing nginx on Ubuntu 12.04 and later

Note: If you’re using a version of Ubuntu prior to 12.04, you don’t have access to our custom repositories. You may need to install nginx manually. ServerGrove’s default Ubuntu installation makes installing nginx a breeze. You need to execute this few steps to get started using nginx: Install nginx using . . . Read more

Installing nginx on Ubuntu 11.10 and earlier

To replace Apache with nginx (or you want to run them at the same time), follow these steps. Please note that this is only for Ubuntu installations of versions 11.10 and below. If you have 12.04 or later, we recommend you install nginx with the package manager. Log in as . . . Read more

Various issues with terminal and shell

Ubuntu recently siwtched to using DASH shell instead of BASH. We have seen several issues with DASH like tab autocompletion not working. Here is more information about the change and what you can do to revert back to BASH. Alternatively, you can just change the shell for your user: . . . Read more

SSH stops working after upgrading Ubuntu

If you are unable to login with SSH to your VPS after completing an upgrade of Ubuntu, try the following tip: Edit the file /etc/init/ssh.conf and comment the line: oom never Restart SSH with: service ssh start

Can I upgrade to Ubuntu 12?

We DO NOT recommend to upgrade to Ubuntu between major versions (like from 10 to 12). For this, we recommend that your rebuild the VPS with a new OS version using the Control Panel.

High RAM usage, but the server is idle

It is common to see, specially in new servers, reports of high RAM usage when the server’s basically idle (no special applications running, no Apache requests, no email sendings, etc.). As time passes, the memory consumption seems to be increasing and it won’t go down. This is true when using, . . . Read more