How do I add contacts to my account’s Client Area?

Adding a contact to your ServerGrove account is not only easy, but it has several benefits as well. Using a secondary account enables access to your client area to your team so they can all ask for support, receive emails from us, and much more.

To add a contact to your account:

  1. Log into the Client Area — that’s by going into our website, clicking “Login” in the top right on the screen and using the left-side form.
  2. When inside, click “My Details” in the top navigation.
  3. There will be a new sub menu: click on “Add New Contact”
  4. Fill all the required fields — make sure you select the “Tick to configure as a sub-account with client area access” option so your contact can ask for support.

And that’s it! Your contact will be able to log into your client area with his or her email address and password. You can do this any time you want and it can be reverted when you need to.

Note: If you’re a VPS client, when you add a new user using the Control Panel, our system will automatically add the new user as a contact for your account.