How do I add users to my Control Panel?

Follow these steps to give access to your Control Panel to specific users.

Step 1: Login to your Control Panel

You will have received an email with the subject “New hosting account information from ServerGrove”. On that email there is a section labeled “Control panel access”. This will contain the master user/password for your control panel.

Step 2: Go to the Control Panel Users page

Once you login, click on “Users” on the top navigation.


Step 3: Add user

The control panel user management page will give you a list of all authorized control panel users. It will also allow you to add and remove access to specific users.

To add a user click on New > Add User


Step 3: Create a new user

  1. Enter the First and Last name of you user as well as the email and password.

  2. Select the server you wish to give access to.

  3. If you select “Send Reset Password Email” this will send the user an email asking the user to reset their password. This is recommended!

  4. Select the status of the user

  5. Select the level of access you wish to give your user.