How do I move my email service from gmail to ServerGrove’s on my VPS?

You can setup your email accounts in the control panel, to do so follow the steps below:

Creating Email Accounts

1) Log into your VPS


2) Click on the server you wish to manage your email, select “Email” from the dropdown menu

email 1

3) Enable email service for the domain

email 2

email 3

4) Create the email accounts

email 4

5) Reset the DNS configuration so the MX records point to our servers. The MX records should point to and

email 5

Importing Email Accounts

There is a functionality in the control panel to import messages into your account. It creates and imports emails all at once. Go to Account. Click on the Import Email Account button, complete all fields to migrate messages from your old host into ServerGrove.


NOTE: Make sure you reset your DNS configuration afterwards. The MX records need to point to our servers: and