Installing Laravel 3

Laravel is one of the most successful PHP frameworks at the moment in the PHP world, and ServerGrove servers are support it right out of the box.

To install and start using Laravel 3, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the Laravel repository to your server. You can do so by login into the Control Panel, going into the File Manager, and selecting “Clone a git repository”. Alternatively, you can do it via SSH, then going into the project folder:

  2. Checkout the latest 3.x branch:

  3. Open application/config/application.php and delete the contents of the ‘key’ array key (“YourSecretGoesHere!”)

  4. Run Laravel’s key generator

  5. In your Control Panel, change the document root so it points to your public folder

And that’s it! You have a fully functional and ready to use Laravel 3 installation in your Server.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Laravel 3 is not compatible with PHP 5.5, since the introduction of the yield keyword breaks compatibility. If you would like to use Laravel 3, you should downgrade to PHP 5.4 or PHP 5.3.