Installing nginx on Ubuntu 12.04 and later

Note: If you’re using a version of Ubuntu prior to 12.04, you don’t have access to our custom repositories. You may need to install nginx manually.

ServerGrove’s default Ubuntu installation makes installing nginx a breeze. You need to execute this few steps to get started using nginx:

  1. Install nginx using the package manager: apt-get install nginx
  2. Configure some basic options to get started. The files you will need to edit are:

    In /etc/nginx/nginx.conf, make sure you have these values set:

    In /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default, make sure you have these values set:

    And finally, in /usr/local/php54/etc/php-fpm.conf, make sure you have set these values:

  3. Start nginx: /etc/init.d/nginx start

  4. Start PHP-FPM: /etc/init.d/php-fpm start

And you’re set! The default document root is /usr/share/nginx/www — make sure you change it to something that suits your needs or upload your files there.

You will be able to request pages with

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