How do I migrate my website contents, including email accounts to ServerGrove on a VPS?

The migration of your website content and of the email accounts (and contents) needs to be done before you transfer the domain or update the DNS records to point your domain to our server.

These are the basic steps that are required:

1) Lower your TTL (Optional):
TTL tells the server how long to keep information about your domain. Lower the TTL of the DNS records so when you make the changes the propagation takes minutes instead of hours or days. You can usually lower the TTL for your domain from your current host Control Panel, but we recommend contacting them for more information on how to do it.

2) Upload the contents of your website to the new server at ServerGrove:
Download all of your website files (including photos, videos, configuration files, etc) from your old server, and upload them to your new server at ServerGrove using using SFTP / SSH (if you prefer FTP, it needs to be installed manually). Here’s a video tutorial on using the SSH Terminal in our Control Panel. To access your files via SFTP, follow these instructions.

NOTE: you might need to add your domian to the VPS prior to following the next steps above.

To add a domain to your VPS:
– Login to the Control Panel and select the server where your want to host the domain
– On the top menu, select Domains, Add a Domain
– Select the services you want to enable, and proceed.

3) Database:
If your website uses a database, you will have to create it in the control panel and upload the contents. To create a database and user on your VPS, follow these steps:

Go to Applications > MySQL > Databases Click on New > Database


Complete all fields and click on ADD.

To create a new User, Go to Applications > MySQL > Users

Click on New > User


4) Test your website:
Test your website using the preview URL. You can find the preview URL on the Web Hosting area for your domain.

5) Import emails from your account at your old provider into ServerGrove:

6) Update the DNS records to point the domain to our servers

7) Transfer your domain:
Transfer your domain to ServerGrove following these instructions.