Problems sending emails from PHP script

If you are trying to send emails from a PHP script and you are not receiving those emails, check the following items:

  1. Check the Spam or Junk folder of your email account. Some emails may be wrongly marked as spam.

  2. Make sure you are setting a proper and valid email address in the From: header of the email message

  3. If you are setting additional headers, edit your script and remove all headers. Try with that, if it works, add a header at a time and try again until you find which header is preventing the email from being delivered.

We recommend that you use Zend_Mail to send emails. It is a great library to send text or HTML emails, including emails with attachments. Remember it is not necessary to use any other parts of the Zend Framework if you don’t want to. Also, remember that ServerGrove includes the Zend Framework in the PHP include path, so you don’t have to upload it, it is already installed for you!