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How do I add a domain to my VPS?

To add a domain to your VPS, follow these steps: Login to the Control Panel and select the server where your want to host the domain On the top menu, select Domains, Add a Domain Select the services you want to enable, and proceed.

Can I have email with my domain name?

Yes, absolutely. In addition to your site, you can create email accounts with your domain name ( with any of the ServerGrove hosting packages from your Control Panel. The email accounts you create for your domain can be accessed several ways: Through webmail at Through webmail at your domain . . . Read more

What is a TLD?

A TLD is a Top Level Domain. It’s stands at the highest category in the hiercarchical Domain Name System of the Internet, like .com, net, .br and .es, among others. These are subdivided in: Generic (e.g .com, .net) Country (e.g .pa for Panama, .us for the United States) Sponsored (e.g . . . Read more

Private Domains

Some of the contact information you provide when registering a domain name has to be made available through a service called WHOIS. This is a requirement imposed by the regulatory body that oversees domain name registrations, and simply discloses the names, physical addresses and the email addresses of the persons . . . Read more