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PHP fatal error when installing or updating dependencies with Composer

When installing or updating dependencies with Composer it may be possible that you see a PHP fatal error like:

This problem has been documented in Composer on issue This is common when the memory limit setting of PHP is not enough for Composer needs, something that can happen . . . Read more

High RAM usage, but the server is idle

It is common to see, specially in new servers, reports of high RAM usage when the server’s basically idle (no special applications running, no Apache requests, no email sendings, etc.). As time passes, the memory consumption seems to be increasing and it won’t go down. This is true when using, . . . Read more

Out of memory errors

Virtual private servers (VPS) run with a limited amount of memory, depending on the plan you chose. Some programs require more memory than others to operate. Some servers like Apache and Mysql can be optimized to use less memory. If you start getting out of memory errors, we recommend to . . . Read more

How do I determine VPS memory consumption?

There are several ways to determine how much memory you are consuming. In the control panel dashboard you will see a live update of your overall memory consumption. If you need a more granular analysis the click on processes. This will give you the output of the Top comand in . . . Read more

Can I add more RAM to my VPS account?

To add more RAM you will need to upgrade your plan. You can upgrade in the control panel. To upgrade: 1) login to the control panel 2) select the VPS you wish to upgrade. 3) click on System > upgrade/downgrade

Alert Memory limit reached with plenty available

This usually happens when your memory usage hits the limit in spikes. By the time our monitoring system sends the alert, the memory usage has gone down. This means that the memory limit was reached, but it is not as severe as your server running out of memory completely. We . . . Read more

I have a Memory Limit error. What should I do?

if you are executing in shell, you can set the memory limit for your php by adding the parameter “-d” $ php -d "memory_limit=128M" Or you can add ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ‘128M’); in the symfony command file for all your symfony tasks. For your web apps it’s best to set it in . . . Read more