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How do I create easy but strong passwords?

It’s common for a site, email accounts, and servers to be attacked by internet bots trying to guess usernames and passwords. In the unfortunate case that you get hacked (or just to prevent being hacked), we ask you to review your passwords and change them if they are insecure. But . . . Read more

How do I reset my email accounts passwords

To reset the password of an email account, no matter if you know or you don’t know the password, follow these simple steps. For Shared Hosting Login to your Control Panel Click on “Mail Accounts” Click on the account you wish to reset the password Click “Preferences” In the “New . . . Read more

How do I change my email password?

Mail users can change their passwords in the ServerGrove Webmail. Once you log in, you must click on “Settings” at the top right navigation, then, in the left-hand navigation, click on “Password”.

Email password rules

Use at least 5 characters The password should not contain mail name as its part Only Latin characters, no “%” character No dictionary words (optional)