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How do I schedule Symfony2 commands on shared hosting?

The cron task runs in a different environment that the shell access does, and this might provoke an error related to the project paths. This is why you have to set the full path for the Symfony2 console script, just as the cron sees it. php /var/www/vhosts/ my:command Related Articles . . . Read more

How do I access and use my Control Panel?

The control panel is where you control your hosting account and domains. Go to Click Login in the upper right corner Type your username and password. These should have been provided to you in an email titled “New Hosting Account Information from ServerGrove” You can change the password and . . . Read more

Server Paths on shared hosting

Path to directory: /var/www/vhosts/ HTML directory: /var/www/vhosts/ CGI directory: /var/www/vhosts/ The server paths may be necessary for CGI scripts and other similar programs, you won’t need them for regular web page uploading. When making FTP connections to upload/download files, you will be placed in the ” ” portion of . . . Read more