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Incoming spam has increased

There are periods where you may receive more SPAM than usual. There are several reasons for this. Our SPAM filters adapt to the cirumstances. As more SPAM comes in, it will start learning to filter it. This may take time depending on the type of SPAM and the amount. It . . . Read more

How does your spam protection work?

ServerGrove offers state of the art spam protection. However, you can help make spam detection smarter. Our mail server will automatically move all junk email into your folder labeled spam. In case our system misses an email we recommend you manually move the email message into the spam folder. Our . . . Read more

Avoiding SPAM with your autoresponder

Once set up, your autoresponder will automatically answer any message sent to your email address. Many spammers will automatically reply to your autoresponder creating an undesirable loop of SPAM. To avoid this, you must assign a fake reply-to address for your autoresponder such as You can do this in . . . Read more