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SSH stops working after upgrading Ubuntu

If you are unable to login with SSH to your VPS after completing an upgrade of Ubuntu, try the following tip: Edit the file /etc/init/ssh.conf and comment the line: oom never Restart SSH with: service ssh start

SSH Blacklisting

When more than 20 new TCP connections are opened to port 22 from any single address to a given destination address on the ServerGrove network, within a period of 60 seconds, then all further new TCP connections to port 22 from that address blocked for a period of 1 hour. . . . Read more

How to change SSH port?

We recommend our customers to run SSH in a custom port to avoid common attacks to SSH port 22. Something like 22123 or similar. You can change the default SSH port number in your VPS in the control panel. Login to the control panel, click on Applications > SSH > . . . Read more