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SFTP clients disconnects randomly when uploading files

Your SFTP program may get disconnected randomly when you upload files if your client is configured to open multiple simultaneous/parallel connections. Our firewall is configured to prevent attacks on the SSH server, and it may block your IP if this filter is triggered. To prevent this from happening, please configure . . . Read more

FTP Users Login Error when using ProFTPd: USER username (Login failed): Incorrect password.

If when using ProFTPd you see this error: USER username (Login failed): Incorrect password And, the /var/log/secure log shows: proftpd: PAM unable to dlopen(/lib64/security/ /lib64/security/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory The solution is to replace the /etc/pam.d/proftpd file with the following:

CRON Unable to Save to configuration file

Our Cron tool is designed to save changes to the configuration file only when the first line of this file is: ### sgcontrol.enabled=1 This way we avoid overwriting things that the user may have added manually. If CRON is Unable to Save, we recommend that you remove the file completely . . . Read more

CRON jobs – VPS Quick Setup Guide

ServerGrove’s VPS Control Panel makes it easy to add a new cron job, simply follow these steps: 1) log into your VPS 2) Click on the server you need to manage, then click on Applications from the dropdown menu 3) Click on the CRON Manage button 4) If this is . . . Read more

How to change PHP configuration settings for a VPS

You can overwrite PHP settings in your PHP installation by creating a custom configuration file that is read by PHP, named zzz_custom.ini. This guarantees that your changes will not be removed by upgrades to the PHP installation and ensures that your changes will overwrite other values loaded by default. Inside . . . Read more

How do I add users to my Control Panel?

Follow these steps to give access to your Control Panel to specific users. Step 1: Login to your Control Panel You will have received an email with the subject “New hosting account information from ServerGrove”. On that email there is a section labeled “Control panel access”. This will contain the . . . Read more

How do I rebuild my VPS?

Warning: Rebuilding your server will destroy all data on it and give you a fresh install. Make sure you backup all your data before doing this. Warning: Rebuilding your server will destroy all data on it and give you a fresh install. Make sure you backup all your data before . . . Read more

The server does not appear in the services list

If the server does now show in the services list in the control panel, you need to: go to the services page, click on the eye icon and select View All Then go to the dashboard, and click on the Resync button to refresh the status of the VPS

Restrict FTP users to a directory

The first step is to install an FTP server. You can find how to do it here. Once the server is installed, you have to configure the users that will connect with FTP. To add a user with permissions for a specific domain, you have to set the vhost directory . . . Read more