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How do I add a domain to my VPS?

To add a domain to your VPS, follow these steps: Login to the Control Panel and select the server where your want to host the domain On the top menu, select Domains, Add a Domain Select the services you want to enable, and proceed.

Cannot write/change files in /var/www/html

To make add/change files in /var/www/html the user has to belong to the group “users”. You can add a user like this: usermod -G users username You can also change the permissions of the directory with the following command: chmod 777 /var/www/html This will give write permissions to everybody. For . . . Read more

Can I add more RAM to my VPS account?

To add more RAM you will need to upgrade your plan. You can upgrade in the control panel. To upgrade: 1) login to the control panel 2) select the VPS you wish to upgrade. 3) click on System > upgrade/downgrade