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How do I access Webmail?

You can access webmail through the following URL’s: You can private label your URL by adding the hostname “webmail” in front of your domain (e.g Look here for instructions on how.

Cannot login to Webmail

When using the Webmail, make sure your email address was created in the control panel using all lowercase, ie. If your email address has mixed case letters, login into the Control Panel and rename the email address by going into the e-mail section, and reset the username on your . . . Read more

Can I brand the webmail?

If you want to brand the webmail interface, we recommend that you install a webmail software in your account and brand it the way you want it. We currently use RoundCube Webmail, but there are multiple options. You can install the webmail software in a subdirectory ( or subdomain ( . . . Read more