Uploading Your Files – Shared Hosting Quick-Start Guide

This guide is intended to help new users of shared hosting get their files onto our servers
It’s important to remember to put your web files in the httpdocs folder and your secure files in the httpsdocs folder up1

File Manager

This is the most basic way to upload, move, and delete files on the server.

  1. Log in to your Control Panel
  2. Click on File Manager
  3. Now you can see your files and folders in the structure they are in on the server. Many useful functions including rename, preview, and edit (Standard or What You See Is What You Get) can be found in the Tools column of each file row.


FTP Client

It’s probably more convenient to transfer your files via FTP. Exact instructions vary depending on your preferred FTP client, but all require your FTP Login and FTP Password, which can be changed in your Control Panel under Web Hosting Settings. The default values for these were provided to you in an email titled “New Hosting Account Information.” In that email you can also find another required field, the FTP Hostname, which should be your domain name with www. replaced by ftp.

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